Scaffolding Cuplocks & Shuttering Plates Manufacturers  – We also Suppliers on Hire basis

We are a very Reputed & Well Known Scaffolding Manufactures & Shuttering Manufacturers. We are Also Supplier of these Products on Hire Basis. We are in this business since the year 1992. Our wide experience and core competence help us to provide the best quality and long lasting Shuttering Products to meet to the needs of our valued customers.We Sell and Rent out all kinds Shuttering and Scaffolding Materials for all kinds of residential, Industrial and Commercial construction products.

Our Shuttering Products:

Shuttering Products like Steel Shuttering Plates and Channels are used to create a platform structure in which wet concrete is placed for hardening. These plates and Channels are then removed after a certain period of time when the structure becomes self-standing. Our various shuttering Products are:

Our Scaffolding Products:

Scaffolding products are used to form staging to provide height adjustment for the Shuttering and Centering plates. Scaffolding Cuplock system is also used to form a platform on which worker can stand and carry their different repairing and painting activities. Scaffolding system should strong enough to provide a stable base for heavy material and men working at height.

We Supply these Shuttering and Scaffolding Products to various Parts of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, and Utter Pradesh. To make our presence felt and tap the growing demand for these materials we have separately opened branches in the following cities:

Our Customers:

We supply and Sell Shuttering and Scaffolding for construction purposes to most reputed construction Houses, Construction companies of India fame& A-Class Govt. contractors Our Customers have always been satisfied with the quality of our products and our services. We manufacture these products on large scale this helps us to lower per unit cost of products.

 Quality of Raw Material:

We use the tested and high-quality materials to manufacture our products and assure to provide our customers with highly standardized products in order to ensure safety and smooth working at the construction sites. These raw material are selected after a careful analysis of various options available in the market by our quality analysts. We apply best procurement policies and purchase raw material in bulk quantities in order to get raw material at the cheapest rates. This helps us to lower the cost of final product.

Our Manufacturing Process:

In our manufacturing unit, we use latest machines and technology which are upgraded from time to time. We use these specially designed machines to make Shuttering and Scaffolding products in a most efficient manner which helps us to complete orders of our clients on time. It is spread over the large area to make the material moment easy and smooth.

Quality Check of Products:

Right from the first stage of manufacturing process, we check the quality of these products at various stages of production. Our experienced analysts do the job very well. At the time of final delivery of products, they are carefully analyzed on various parameters to match the specifications and set standards of the Industry.

Quality of Our Services:

We put our heart and soul to provide our customers with best services every time. Your requirements are our chief concern. We would be highly pleased and delighted to serve you with our ideal services.Our clients have always been appreciative of not only our High quality properly Repaired & Neat and cleaned Material but also timely delivery of projects having a very aggressive schedule.We also offer consulting services for clients seeking a hassle-free material delivery at very competitive prices and within timelines.Contact us for All kins Concrete wall formwork, Roof Scaffolding Formworks, Scaffolding Brackets & Scaffolding Formworks in India.

Our Products & Services

M.S Plates

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Cuplocks Standards are used as vertical part of scaffolding system. Cuplocks are very trusted and frequently used system of scaffolding Read More

Base Jacks

With the huge 24 years of experience and sound technical knowledge, we offer a wide assortment of  jacks to our esteemed customers Read More


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Why Choose Us

  1. 1
    Quality Materials

    We use a very Supreme-quality raw material for manufacturing Scaffolding and Shuttering material after a careful analysis of various options available in the market. The accurate quality Raw material of raw material creates a solid foundation for the final product.

  2. 2
    Customer Centeric Approach

    Our Customers are a top priority for us. We leave no stone unturned to provide a very satisfying experience to our customers by providing various kinds of before and after sale services to our customers. This helps us to get repeat orders from them.

  3. 3
    Timely Delivery

    We provide timely delivery of Shuttering and Scaffolding materials to addresses desired by our customers in order to ensure their smooth working at sights having an aggressive time schedule.

  4. 4
    Experience and Expertise

    Having solved various problems of our customer over last 25 years for their shuttering and scaffolding material needs have provided our company a unique knowledge, skill, and expertise. This helps us take on next job effectively and efficiently.

  5. 5
    Easy Communication

    We know the importance of free-flow of communication within our organization and with our customers. Any problem is promptly noted and corrected in order to provide timely service and complete our orders on time.

Our Products & Services




Having worked on numerous projects we have gained unmatched business and technical experience & expertise, which helps us to deliver our services in a most efficient way.


While retaining competitive rates we never compromise the quality of our services. Our Manufactured shuttering and scaffolding a known for their fine quality and durability.


Our company is a  very client-centric organization. We always try to provide a positive experience to our valued customers to increase our clientele and get repeat business from them.


We use the best quality of Raw Material to manufacture our products. These raw materials are procured after a very careful analysis on various parameters to select the best one from our trusted vendors.


Delivering exceptional business value to clients is the primary goal. We believe that values don’t come with technology alone. Our team at various levels work together to maintain trust and loyalty of the valued customer.


we have successfully completed hundreds of projects of different sizes and complexity. This helps us to take on next job effectively.


Our Manufacturing Department is loaded with latest machines and it is upgraded from time to time.  We always ensure that Inputs are transformed into outputs in a most efficient way and before the final delivery, these products are the thoroughly checked on various parameters.


we understand that effective communication is crucial to the success of any business. We always ensure effective communication within our organization and with our clients to fix any deviation from planning at the earliest.