About Us

VCC Shuttering House is a prominent company for Manufacturing Shuttering and Scaffolding Material. We have worked very hard to continue work ethics of the company set in 1992. The 25th  anniversary of company was celebrated in 2017 and we still provide  services to our clients with the same passion and personal touch.

We are a one-stop shop with Shuttering Manufacturing- Scaffolding Manufacturing and Selling and providing these Materials on hire basis all under one roof. We understand the latest trends in market and provide our customers with latest upgraded products and technical know-how at various stages. Our vast experience in Industry helps us to collaborate with our customers to solve various construction related problems by providing them various innovative products. Our deep manufacturing capabilities unmatched expertise has helped us generate a solid base of customers for our company.

Our Services

We are Manufacturer of All kinds of Shuttering and Scaffolding Material. We also supply Shuttering and Scaffolding on Hire basis to all kinds of Building and Housing Projects.

  1. Steel Shuttering Plates

    We manufacture and rent our Steel Shuttering Plates of all size required by our customers. These plates are used for columns, beam side, Beam slab, roof slab.

  2. Cuplocks System

    Cuplocks Systems are used to form a base for placing formwork on it for getting the desired height. They are also used to form a platform for supporting workers working at heights. Vertical Standards, Ledgers, Base Jacks, U-Head jacks, Joint Pins are Products which are used to form a Scaffolding System.

  3. Tele Props

    Tele-Props are an important load bearing member for shuttering. Steel Channels are placed on them to form a base for shattering plates. Props are easy to install and remove from slab after it becomes self-standing.

  4. U Head Jacks and Base Jacks

    U-Head Jacks are placed on the top of Cuplock Verticals to hold the Shuttering Placed on them. Base Jacks are placed below the Cuplock Vertical to provide stability to the cuplock system and provide height adjustment.

Our Vision

Business Values are not achieved through technology alone. Our team in various departments work for a single aim of delivering best products to our clients who trust us for their shuttering and scaffolding related needs.

Our organization transforms and improve performance at construction sites. We respond quickly and intuitively to changing market trends and provide updated and upgraded products to the building construction sector.

The work ethics and their compliance have always been our top priority for increasing our client base. We always remain steadfast to our work ethics embedded in our work culture right from the very beginning of Start of our company.

174Commercial Projects
1525Residencial Houses
150Housing Towers
256Schools & Colleges

Brief History of Our Company

June 2015

We become a full-fledged company which is a manufacturer, Seller, and provider on hire basis of all kinds of Scaffolding and Shuttering  Products to all types of residential and commercial sites.

February, 2015

We Shifted to our new spacious godown to carry on our operations effectively and there we Started our own production unit for manufacturing of various shuttering and Scaffolding Products like Steel Shuttering Plates, Steel Channels, Cuplocks Verticals, Ledgers, Base Jacks, U-Head Jacks, Joint Pins, Clumps.

March, 2009

We Introduced various Scaffolding Products Such as Cuplock Verticals, Ledgers, Prop Jacks, Base Jacks, U Jacks, Joint Pins etc to our array of products to fulfill the demand of Scaffolding Material of our various clients.

july 2000

We shifted from wooden shuttering to steel shuttering plates and Steel Channels to keep ourselves in line with latest trends in the Construction sector.

May 1992

VCC Shuttering House was formed to Provide Various kinds of  Shuttering Material on Hire basis.


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