Scaffolding Cuplocks Verticals

Cuplocks Standards are used as vertical part of scaffolding system. Cuplocks are very trusted and frequently used system of scaffolding.

Our Company is very well-known Scaffolding Cuplocks Manufacturer. Cuplock Verticals are in high demand due to large scale Construction activities going on to fulfill the demand from burgeoning Residencial Sector and Commercial Sector.

Cuplocks Standards are used as vertical part of the scaffolding system. Cuplocks are very trusted and frequently used system of scaffolding. They are very popular due to special node point connection which ensures its speedy Erection/Removal, and safety of men and materials at heights.

Cuplocks are known for their flexibility as they can be installed for Straight, Curved and Circular shapes. Its easy and fast installation ensures saving of at least 80 % of labor cost and time. After fastening of four horizontals at one node point Cuplock Standards it becomes a very strong and rigid system for load bearing or to be used as a platform for supporting men and materials at heights.

These Cuplock Standards are very resistant to corrosion and any kind of wear and tear. Cuplock Standards don’t have any loose part and require minimal space for storage. They are painted with high protection paint to deformation and cracks. With the use of high-grade material, a very resistant Cuplock Standards can be manufactured which can be reused many times.

Different Sizes of Cuplock Verticals:

Our Company Manufacture Cuplocks Verticals in various sizes like 3 Meter, 2 Meter, 1.50 Meter, 1.00 Meter or any other customized size if required by our customers. Generally, Cuplock Verticals are made with three locks or six locks.

In Verticals with three locks are fixed in an interval of 1.00 Meter and in Verticals with six locks they are placed on intervals of .500 Meter. There are various patterns for placing locks on verticals to suit the different requirements of the construction industry.

Raw Material Used:

Different kinds of pipes are being used to make the Cuplocks verticals. Our company uses the best material available in the market by critically evaluating the different options available in the market. The best Material as per keeping in mind the requirement of our customer is selected to make the Cuplock Verticals. The selection of appropriate material increases the performance and working life of the manufactured products.

Our R&D

Our R&D Department is working full-time to make new improvement and find the new ways to manufacture these Cuplocks Verticals in a more efficient way. They are always in search of new materials and accessories to help the company to Manufacture better Cuplock Verticals.

Our Storage Facilities:

Our Companies Storage facilities keep the raw material and final products in the best shape and quality. At the painting stage, the automated painting types of equipment are used to provide the best Coating to Cuplock Verticals. Proper painting with quality paint increases the lifespan of the products.

Features of Good Scaffolding Verticals:


Corrosion Resistant:

We Manufacture Cuplock Verticals with a very fine Quality of Raw Material and further paint them with top quality paint available. This makes these Cuplock Verticals Corrosion Resistant and increases their life.

Can be reused for many times:

Our Manufactured Cuplocks can be reused many times. This provides maximum value for money our customers spend. Further Cuplock Verticals can be used for different kinds of operations like Staging and for making different kinds of platforms for a variety of activities during Construction.

load bearing capacity:

Our Manufactured Cuplock Verticals are known for their quality and Load bearing capacity.  Cuplock Verticals should be able to bear the heavy load of wet concrete during casting and Men and Material put on it and acts as a good Platform.

Resistant to Damages:

These Manufactured Cuplock Verticals have to be very strong and resistant. At construction sites, these are used in a very rough and tough manner. Sometimes they are even thrown from heights and these Cuplock Verticals frequently transferred from one place to another place. A weak Cuplock Verticals will not be able to survive this kind of handling and even it can cause serious accidents. Our Company Always keep in mind these practical aspects While Manufacturing These Cuplocks.

Ensures safety of men Materials at heights:

We frequently listen to the news of various accidents caused by the breaking down of  Scaffolding Platforms. These are the result of poor quality of Raw Material and Techniques used to Manufacture the Scaffolding Systems. Our Manufactured Cuplock Verticals are Known for their quality and Sturdiness.

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