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We are Scaffolding manufacturer in Ludhiana. With an experience as a Scaffolding manufacturer of more than two decades, we are able to supply the best quality of products in Ludhiana. The Our product range consists of Cuplocks, Ledgers, joint pins, Base Jacks, U-Head Jacks, Clumps to name few among many.

Owing to our in-depth technical knowledge as a Scaffolding manufacturer, we able to beat our competitors in Ludhiana by developing the material which is very uniquely designed and durable. The solidity of these products makes them suitable for different conditions and applications in Ludhiana.

Scaffolding Manufacturers in Ludhiana:

Scaffolding Manufacturers in Ludhiana are Supplier of these Materials to all over in India and internationally. Ludhiana is the city of machines provides manufacturers with best technical know-how and machines. The raw material is available here in bulk quantities and at most competitive rates. Due to these factors, Scaffolding Manufacturer in Ludhiana are the providers of all kinds of scaffolding to all types of construction projects.

Our Company’s Infrastructure for Manufacturing Scaffolding in Ludhiana:

As a Scaffolding Manufacturers in Ludhiana, We have very planned and well-designed infrastructure which helps us to carry out our operations in best possible manner. It is spread across a wide geographical area in Ludhiana to facilitate a hassle-free moment of material. We have separately maintained Production Unit, Quality Control, and R&D Departments. All these departments work very closely with each other to accomplish the task.

Quality of Raw Material Used for Manufacturing Scaffolding Products:

Raw Material used for Manufacturing scaffolding Material heavily affect the quality of final product. As a scaffolding manufacturer in Ludhiana, We understand the fact that how tough and the sturdy Scaffolding and Staging material is required to support men, material, and machinery at greater heights during the construction of buildings. Failing to produce resilient material can lead to fatal accidents at the construction sites scattered in various parts of Ludhiana. Our purchase department procures the raw material for production from our trusted vendors in Ludhiana after analyzing the quality of material at various parameters. This helps us to create a robust product which matches with the industry set standards and become a preferred Scaffolding manufacturer in Ludhiana.

Our Research Department:

To become the best Scaffolding Manufacturer in Ludhiana, We have created a separate R&D Department that works with full dedication for transferring know-how into the production unit. They perform research on various materials and technologies that are available in the market which can be used in various combinations in order to produce a sturdy and long lasting final product.

Manufacturing Process of Our Compay:

Our production unit is equipped with latest machines and technology available. It is upgraded from time to time in accordance with latest technological trends prevailing in the market in Ludhiana. We have Power backup to avoid any delay due to a power cut.  Separate machines have been installed for all the tasks to reduce labor dependence and any kind of human error. These things make the process more efficient and speedy for Scaffolding Manufacturing. The unit is manned by professional supervisors and workers who leave no stone unturned to improve quality of final production.

Our Quality Control Mechanism:

Our Quality control department reviews each stage of our production unit and final product on various parameters. Quality check is performed at every stage of the production process from cutting to assembling of the final product. On delivery stage, final product is again thoroughly checked to ensure that product thoroughly adhere to the industry laid standards and customers expect. We leave no chance for any discrepancy in quality and provide our customer with the best quality of products. This helps us to get repeat orders from our clients.

We also provide after sale guidance, on sight support and technical know for usage of these products in increase customer satisfaction level.

Our Manufactured Scaffolding Products :

Scaffolding Cuplocks/ Standards/ Verticals in Ludhiana:

We are very reputed and well-known Scaffolding Cuplocks manufacturer in Ludhiana. These Cuplocks Standards are widely used in all kinds of building and repairing activities from houses to very big commercial construction projects. The reason for the popularity of scaffolding system is their strength, easy installation and removal, and stability they provide to people working at heights. Cuplocks are very easy to store and transport from one place to another place after completion of projects.

If projects need even more load bearing members cup locks can be manufactured with locks at shorter intervals to make it stronger. The combination of verticals and horizontal once installed can be used for either staging for casting process or to be used for support of people carrying on various kinds of operations at different heights.

Ledgers :

Ledgers are horizontal part of scaffolding system which is fixed between the fixed bottom cup and it is tightened with the help of moving the top cup from above. Ledgers have very strong forged ledger blades attached at both ends which holds and provide the verticals and the whole structure of scaffolding.

Clumps and Couplers:

Based on demands of different customers clumps are manufactured in different sizes and weights. Clumps are either swivel or fixed clumps. These clumps are used to hold and provide support to all kinds of formwork, Staging and beam shuttering. We produce different types of clumps to meet different requirements of the construction process.

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