Shuttering Scaffolding Manufacturers in Haryana, Karnal, Panitpat, Rohtak, Ambala

Shuttering Manufacturers in Karnal, Panitpat, Haryana, Rohtak, Ambala

We are very reputed and well-known Scaffolding Shuttering manufacturers in Haryana, Karnal, Panipat, Rohtak, Ambala and Scaffolding Shuttering Supplier on Hire basis. We also provide these materials on rent and hire basis to reputed builders and construction companies. The range of Shuttering products we manufacture are Scaffolding Cuplocks, Props, Shuttering Plates/ M.S Plates/ Centering Plates, Base Jacks, U-Head Jacks, Aero-Spans, Joint Pins, Ledgers to name few.

We are working as a shuttering manufacturer since the year 1992. Our wide experience helps us manufacture these products as per Set Shuttering industry standards. Our products are widely acknowledged and used in various construction projects going on in various parts of Karnal, Rohtak, Haryana, Ambala, Panipat.

Scaffolding on Hire basis – Scaffolding Stores

Contractors and Builders also take these Shuttering material on hire basis from Scaffolding Stores. Scaffolding Stores have all these Scaffolding and Shuttering Material in bulk quantities they provide these materials on hire basis for all kinds of Construction projects. We also have all the Shuttering and Scaffolding material in large quantities and provide them on hire basis to our clients located in different parts of Haryana.

Need for Product made by Scaffolding Shuttering Manufacturers in Rohtak, Haryana

Construction activities are in full swing in Rohtak, Haryana. Rohtak being located on NH-10, its proximity to Delhi, Panipat are contributing factors. Required shuttering and Scaffolding materials for these construction sites are either purchased from contractors or taken on hire basis from different scaffolding  stores. Factors which are increasing the demand for products made by Scaffolding shuttering manufacturers in Rohtak are:

  • The City is growing as an Industrial hub and educational hub of Haryana.
  • The government of Haryana is developing Industrial model Township in Rohtak in the large area.
  • Maruti Udyog Ltd is setting up a Production Unit in Rohtak, Haryana.
  • The industrial estate is being developed by HSIIDC in Haryana which is located at Rohtak.

Need For Products Made by Shuttering Scaffolding Manufacturers in Karnal & Panipat, Haryana

Panipat and Karnal need the Scaffolding products due to a large number of construction projects going on in Karnal and Panipat of Haryana. Various kinds of residential and commercial construction projects are coming up due to their location advantage. Both the cities are located on the national highway and very near to Delhi of course. Panipat is a historic city and also a business center for handlooms also known as the city of weavers. Karnal famous for agricultural inputs and spares. It produces a major chunk of these products for the country. People involved in these businesses in Panipat and Karnal of Haryana are major contributors to construction activities for their commercial and residential needs.

Need For Products Made by Shuttering Scaffolding Manufacturers in Ambala, Haryana

Ambala is placed on Chandigarh to Delhi National Highway. It is important due to its proximity to Chandigarh. Construction activities of Various residential multi-tower are in full swing. people who can not afford a house in Chandigarh are moving towards Ambala. Further, Ambala is connected to Chandigarh by National highway distance between two cities is covered in no time due six-lane road with various bridges built of overpass Derabassi and Lalru and Zirakpur. There is great demand for scaffolding and shuttering Material which is catered by Shuttering Manufacturers in Ambala or supplied by Scaffolding shuttering stores located in Ambala.

Various Scaffolding Products Purchased or Taken on Hire in Karnal, Panipat, Ambala, Rohtak, Haryana Are:

Scaffolding Cuplcoks:

Cuploks/Standards/Verticals: are required for forming staging to support shuttering during the construction of high rise buildings and to carry on repairing activities for the same. Cuplocks are most reliable for this job due to its horizontal support by ledgers placed between Top Cup and Bottom Cup. This horizontal Ledger is then tightened by the moving top cup by applying an external force.The Reason for Popularity of Cuplocks is that it can be used for both stagings and to form a platform on which people can stand and carry on their work at heights.

Base jacks:

These placed below the Vertical Standard in a Cuplock System to provide it stability and height adjustment due to its moving cup nut.

U-Head Jacks:

These placed on top of the Vertical Standard in the Cuplock System for holding the C-Channels placed on it to form a base for Steel Shuttering Plates for casting activity.

Joint Pins:

They are Used to temporarily attach and Join two Vertical Standards in Cuplocks to make it reachable to heights.

Various Shuttering  Products Required in Karnal, Panipat, Ambala, Rohtak, Haryana Are:

Steel Shuttering Plates:

They are used to form a structure and mold then the wet concrete is put into it for taking shape. They are removed after the casted material gains strength to bear its own load. Steel plates are made from hot rolled M.S Sheet and Patti welded to it. Steel Shuttering Plates are required for all Casting activities like column casting, Slab Casting, and Beam Casing.


These are Used to act as staging material for supporting C-Channels and Shuttering Plates at the required height.Props are gaining popularity day by day due to following reasons-

  • Props are easy to use.
  • They provide height adjustment one Props can be used for various heights.
  • Props are easy to install and remove after the use.
  • Props are easy to transport.

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