September 23, 2017


Shuttering Plates which are also known as formwork, Pharma or Farma Plates are of two types Shuttering Plates and Centering Plates.These are made in different sizes to meet the requirement of different designs of buildings.Shuttering Plates are used to support vertical part of slab known as slab side or beam side. Centering Plates are used to support horizontal part of slab known slab plate or beam bottom.Shuttering Plates are Used in Slab Casting to hold the Green Concrete or Wet concrete until the time it takes Shape and is Solidified enough to Take its own load.It is the main supporting item in building Construction Slab, Beams, Canopy and R.C.C Casting Works.With the use of Fine quality of raw Material a very Durable, Corrosion resistant, and Sturdy Steel Shuttering Plate can be Made which can be reused Many Times. Dimensional Accuracy of Shuttering Plate is must to give a better finish to Slab and Deliver better results.Shuttering Plate/ Centering Plate is better than other alternatives which are available because it prevents water Leakage during the solidifying time of Concrete and provides proper strength to Slab.These Shuttering Plates are Manufactured and Developed various shapes and Sizes to meet the specification requirements of Clients or requirements of Construction activity Going on.
Benefits of using Steel Shuttering Plates over other alternatives :
• These are watertight do not allow seepage of wet concrete during the solidifying process, therefore increases the strength of the slab.
• Shuttering Plates are easy to install and remove therefore ensures a speedy construction process.
• Shuttering Plates are Sturdy but yet lightweight.
• Ensures Safety of men and Material.
• These can be used horizontally, vertically or in any other shape as per the need of building design.
• Steel plates do not Shrink.
• The Concrete surface which is visible after the removal of shuttering plates is very smooth.Minimal further finishing is required therefore lowers the construction cost.
• It is long lasting and therefore can be reused many times.

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