VCC Shuttering House is a prominent name for Manufacturing Shuttering and Scaffolding Material in Chandigarh, India herunterladen. Our Products Range  Includes Shuttering Plates, Scaffolding Cuplocks, Ledgers, Base Jacks, U-Head jacks, Shoring Props, Joint Pins to neme a few.We have worked very hard to continue work ethics of the company set in 1992 downloaden. The 25th  anniversary of company was celebrated in 2017 and we still provide  services to our clients with the same passion and personal touch puzzle spiele gratis zum herunterladen.

We are a one-stop shop with Shuttering Manufacturing- Scaffolding Manufacturing and Selling and providing these Materials on hire basis all under one roof lebenslauf kostenlosen word. We understand the latest trends in market and provide our customers with latest upgraded products and technical know-how at various stages. Our vast experience in Industry helps us to collaborate with our customers to solve various construction related problems by providing them various innovative products musik aus itunes match herunterladen.

Our deep manufacturing capabilities unmatched expertise has helped us generate a solid base of customers for our company.

Our Products

Shuttering Plates | Scaffolding Cuplocks | Ledgers | Base Jacks | U-Head Jacks | Joint Pins | Anti Skid Walkway Planks |

  1. Steel Shuttering Plates
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    Our Company is Manufacturers of All kinds of Shuttering Plates Like Roof Shuttering Plats,  Acro Shuttering Plates, Column Shuttering Plates, Beam Side and Bottoms, and All kinds of Other Shuttering Plates required by our customers herunterladen herunterladen. These Plates are Manufactured from HR Sheet and Angle/Flate. HR Sheet of 2 mm to 4 mm thickness is used as per the requirement of different kinds of jobs whatsapp für samsung herunterladen downloaden. Similarly, Angle or Flat in different thickness are used. Usually flat of 40mm x 6 mm is used and an Angle of 50x50x5 mm is used. These Angles or Flats are welded to HR Sheet to make Shuttering Plates alte apps downloaden puzzle spiele gratis zum herunterladen. Shuttering Plates are made in various sizes like,

    1200mmx 600mm

    1200 mm x 450 mm

    1200 mm x 300 mm

    900 mm x 600 mm

    900 mm x 450 mm

    900 mm x 300 mm

    1250 mm x 1000 mm

    1250 mm x 500 mm

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  2. Cuplocks Verticals
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    Cuplock Verticals Also Known as Standards are Placed vertically in a cuplocks system utorrent downloaden windows 10 herunterladen. They are available in various sizes as per the requirement of Customers. Cuplocks are made of 48.30 mm pipes with locks attached at the intervals of 500 mm herunterladen downloaden. These locks hold the ledgers placed in them to form a cup  lock frame. The locks have two parts bottom cup and Top Cup. The bottom cup is fixed to the pipe and the Top cup is the moving part of locks puzzle spiele gratis zum herunterladen.

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  3. Ledgers

    Ledgers are Horizontal Part of Cuplock System. Ledgers have Ledger Blades attached at both ends. These ledger ends with ledger blades are placed inside the locks of standards and then locked to form a self standing scaffolding system. downloaden puzzle spiele gratis zum herunterladen lebenslauf kostenlosen word musik aus itunes match herunterladen
  4. Base Jacks/ U-Head jacks downloaden

    Base Jacks and U-Head jacks are used at the top and bottom of Scaffolding System. They can be used interchanibally as per the need at the constructon site herunterladen. They are available in varous sizes.

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  5. Shoring Props downloaden

    Props are load bearing member of staging. They are made of 60 OD pipe which is called outer of Props. A 48.3 OD pipe is inserted into it which is called Inner of prop herunterladen. Then this Inner is moved to adjust it at required hight using wholes in Inner by incerting a pin between outer pipe and inner pipe through the whole. It is further adjusted by moving the prop nut to get it at the required hight.

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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision:Their vision is “To become the benchmark Shuttering manufacturing company for the Shuttering and Scaffolding Material & providing world-class products to satisfied customers through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork and creativity of our people.”

Our Mission: Although Our Company takes great pride in the quality of the products we Manufacture and Provide, the quality of our job products and services, an impeccable dimentional accuracy and our ability to complete projects the orders on time and at reasonable prices, these are not the primary reasons we have built, and continue to develop strong affiliations with so many of our clients. Rather, it is our ability and willingness to take the time we invest what is their background, What is their goal both short term and long term. Our clients rely on our judgement and discuss with us their ongoing projects and seek our guidance in solving their problem regarding Shuttering and Scaffolding related needs.

Our Company always keenly looking for latest machines and quipment available in market to do our job in the best possible manner. We always try to imporove our Infrastructure to cope with various changing needs of our clients.

1230Residencial House Building Projects
600Bridge Construction Projects
1569Commercial Buildings Projects
1123Government Projects

Brief History of Our Company

May 2014 - Mar 2020

We Started Manufacturing Shuttering Plates, Cuplocks, Ledgers, Jacks and Other Related Items. Since them From 2014 to 2020 we are engaged in Manufacturing and Renting our of these Materials.

December, 2010

We Shifted to our New premises in Derabassi and Started Our Operations at Large Scale.

September, 2001

We Started Procuring Scaffolding Items like Cuplocks, Ledgers, Props and Started them Renting Out too.

June 1995

We Procured Steel Shuttering Plates make to cater to the changing demands of our customers.

May, 1992

Our Company Started with a mission of providing word class Shuttering Services  to all types construction projects.


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