Our Products

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Best Quality of Shuttering Plates with the Best quality of Welding job done. Premium quality of Raw Material is used in Manufacturing. Available in all sizes required by our customers. 3 mm HR Sheet used Support Material as required by customers ( Angle or Patti)

Acro Shuttering Plates

Acro Shuttering Plates are highly recommended for heavy RCC Walls and Columns. The Ongoing

Verticals/ Standards

These Cuplock Standards are very resistant to corrosion and any kind of wear and tear. Cuplock Standards don't have any loose part and require minimal space for storage.

Ledgers/ Horizontals

We are a prominent Manufacturers and Suppliers of all sizes of Ledgers to our valued customers.

U-Head Jacks

We are Manufacturers of high-grade U-Head jacks. These U- Head Jacks are Placed on top of Verticals to hold Channels, Timber Beam or Garters Placed on it. U-Head jacks are either Solid or Hollow as per the requirement of customers. We use the latest technology for threading of the Rod / Pipe. These U-Head Jacks are painted or sometimes zink plated which provide it shine and corrosion-resistant. Our Company's U-Head jacks are widely recognized for their high strength and durability across the industry by our customers spread across various parts of the country and overseas.

Joint Pins

We manufacture top quality Joint pins using latest techniques and high-grade materials to be used for connecting purposes to assemble Scaffolding for long heights.

Telescopic Props

Props are used as vertical load-bearing members for temporary beams in the casting process. Pros are manufactured either in a single piece or a welded prop sleeve to the outer of it. Different kinds of Locks, pins, Nuts are used in props as per the requirement of customers. weight of props is customized to cater to different needs of customers. Two types of commonly manufactured props are Tele-Props and Shoring Props.

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