Telescopic Props

Props are used as vertical load-bearing members for temporary beams in the casting process. Pros are manufactured either in a single piece or a welded prop sleeve to the outer of it. Different kinds of Locks, pins, Nuts are used in props as per the requirement of customers. weight of props is customized to cater to different needs of customers. Two types of commonly manufactured props are Tele-Props and Shoring Props.

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General Details

Telescopic  Props

Telescopic Props are one of the most economical, easy to use load-bearing member for all kinds of construction formworks, slabs, walls, and columns. They are also applicable in many other construction and repair activities in general. Having worked as a Shuttering Prop Manufacturer for more than 25 Years, we are able to manufacture props of very fine quality for our clients hypo smart id herunterladen. Our Manufactured Pros are used and appreciated by our clients who are using our shuttering and Scaffolding products spread in different parts of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Gujrat, UP, Uttrakhand and other parts of India hypo smart id herunterladen.

Shuttering and Scaffolding Props made by our company are recognized not only in India but also overseas. We export these countries to various international destinations like UAE, America, Australia to name a few of them app games herunterladen.

Product Details:

Dimension 3 Meter X 2 Meter and 2 Meter x 2 Meter
Surface Type Color Galvanized
Color As Per Customer Choice
Application Building Construction
Available Size 3x2mtr, 2x2mtr, 3x3mtr

Material Used for Manufacturing Shuttering and Scaffolding Props:

Props are made with a 60.3 mm outer pipe and 48.3 mm internal pipe and intermediate holes are given so that props can be extended to the desired length with the help of a high tensile steel pin that passes through these holes. Prop Nut used is a malleable casting item made to fit over 60.3 mm outer pipe. These Props Nuts are available in both heavy-duty and light-duty to suit various requirements for different designs app games herunterladen editor kostenlos herunterladen. A Sturdy G-Pins is placed near Prop Nut to pass through holes at various levels to facilitate the height adjustment. With the use of quality raw material, a very sturdy and strong prop can be manufactured for taking the weight of the fresh green placed on it during casting and stand firmly against the vibration during the setting of concrete.

MULTIPROP Post Shores:

These props are made by combining various Props to make it a Multiprop Frame amazon purchased movies to download pc. A Tri-Shore Prop or quadrilateral prop can be made by combining tabular props as per the need. The load-bearing capacity of these props is very much high when compared with single props.  These platforms can also be used in other construction activities like repair and maintenance editor kostenlos herunterladen. These are self-cleaning props that are highly adjustable with great load-bearing capacity.

Technology Used for Manufacturing of Shuttering and Scaffolding Props:

Different kinds of Machines like rolling thread Machine, Punching Machine, and Mig-Welding Machines are required form making these Telescopic props aktuellste version firefox kostenlos downloaden. The use of These machines and the latest technology makes sure that the props are manufactured as per standards set by industry in order to ensure uniformity in production. Our company used Thread Rolling Machines for threading the 60.3mm Outer Diameter Pipe. This pipe after threading is used as outer of the props and it has base-plate attached to this pipe for providing extra stability to it amazon purchased movies to download pc weltbild ebooks herunterladen. Pipe Of 48.3 mm OD is used as inner of props. Intermediate holes are done at this inner pipe to fix it at target heights by passing the pin into it. G-Pin is used for this purpose. Prop nuts used for reaching the target hight are available in various qualities and types. Our company procures the best quality of prop nuts for the better functioning of these props gitaarlessen downloaden.

Advantages of Using Scaffolding Shuttering Props Over other Staging Material:

Props are better as compared to other alternatives available as they are very cost-effective, eliminates unnecessary labor work, and very strong to bear load put on it aktuellste version firefox kostenlos downloaden. following are various advantages of using props :

  • Easy to install thus ensures the timely accomplishment of Shuttering Scaffolding Work

Props, when used for staging to support Shuttering Channels and Plates placed on it are very easy to handle and move herunterladen kostenlos. Their compact design and Shape makes it easy to carry from one place to another easily. After finishing off the job props are easily removed by giving any jerk to the slab structure.

  • Scaffolding Shuttering Props can be extended and adjusted to the desired length.

and adjusting heights due to the application of pin through the whole of the inner pipe for adjusting it at the required heights weltbild ebooks herunterladen angry birds rio kostenlosen. Further height adjustment is done with the help of Prop Nut for reaching the desired height.

  • Shuttering Scaffolding has high compression strength and can be reused many times.

Props are very strong to take load placed on it due to high-tensile raw material and the latest technology used during its production ccleaner kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch windows 10. Props have a very long life they can be reused many times. Due to the adjustment of props for various heights they can be used for different heights. It further increases their usability and flexibility gitaarlessen downloaden. These things make the Props a hot choice among its users.

  • Shuttering Scaffolding Props are self-cleaning devices.

Props are automatically cleaned due to the application of collar nut. the concrete and dirt are automatically removed at this point thus these props ensure quick and easy adjustment.

  • Props Save unnecessary labor work & ensure a speedy construction process.

Props are designed in such a way that they cut may operations and saves time.

  • They have a base plate attached to the bottom which provides it stability so you don’t need to place anything under this to ensure its stability herunterladen kostenlos.
  • Props can be used for multiple heights due to the operation of prop nut bypassing G-pin between holes at various levels.
  • It has a U-head to hold the shuttering channels placed on it so that you don’t have to use extra U-Head Jacks on it.
Quality Check of Props :

Our Company used very fine quality as a raw material for manufacturing these props. These Pipes and Accessories are procured from very trusted vendors for the longer working life of our manufactured props. At each stage of the production process, a strict quality check is adhered to for maintaining the quality of the final product. Before delivery or during loading of these products are checked again as a final quality check any discrepancy is immediately fixed so that only the best quality products are supplied to our valued customers angry birds rio kostenlosen.

V.C.C Shuttering House

Derabassi, Mohali, Punjab

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