Acro Shuttering Plates

Acro Shuttering Plates are highly recommended for heavy RCC Walls and Columns. The Ongoing highway and Bridge projects have further increased the demand for this formwork System auto simulator pc kostenlosen. We are Chandigarh Based Manufacturers and Supplier on Hire basis of These Acro Shuttering Plates. Our clients are spread over all over Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand(Uk), Utter Pradesh (Up), Delhi, Gujrat, Ahmedabad and Madhya Pradesh and All other Parts of India heartbeats app kostenlos downloaden. We Also Export these Acro Shuttering Plates to Other Parts of World.

Acro Shuttering Plates are also Called :

  • Slotted Angle Plates
  • Wall Form Shuttering Wall
  • Form Panels
  • Bridge Plates
  • and Bridge formwork

Application of Acro Shuttering Plates :

These Shuttering plates/ formwork are applicable in construction Activities Like :

  • bridges and heavy vertical casting for various kinds of construction projects app to from music iphone.
  • Colvert flyover bridges.
  • under bridges and all other types of heavy and major work.

Due to their designing and use of the heavy material in making makes them fit for all kind of heavy load bearing and complicated construction of buildings instagram story online.

Slotted angle shuttering plates from VCC Shuttering House

Material Used for These Shuttering Plates :

Acro Shuttering Plates are made in different Combinations of following Raw material :

  • 3 mm HR Sheet
  • the slotted angle of 45mmx45mmx4 mm
  • or 50mmx50mmx5mm  size as per the requirement of our clients download videos via youtube.

Various slots are made at the difference of 50mm center to center for providing adjustment for Soldiers. These Soldiers are fitted next to the Shuttering plates jw player video. They have parallel slots having on it. After fitting of these plates with soldiers it becomes a very strong formwork system ready to bear the heavy load of the cast material total war warhammer 2 dlc herunterladen.

Sizes of Acro Shuttering Plates :

Acro Slotted Shuttering Plates are made in various sizes like