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 Scaffolding Manufacturers in Delhi

We are Scaffolding Manufacturers in Delhi of all kinds of Scaffolding Cuplock Material. We are working as a scaffolding Manufacturer since the year 1990. The range of our manufactured products consists of Scaffolding Cuplocks, Standards, Ledgers, Tele-Scopic Props, Base Jacks, U- Jacks, Joint Pins, Aero Spans, Prop Sleeve, Bottom cup, Top cup, and Ledger blades.

We are best scaffolding manufacturer in Delhi. To enquire about our products Call us @ +91-9915353218

The demand for Cuplocks & Scaffolding Manufacturers in New Delhi:

The Scaffolding material like clocks, ledgers, Jacks, Props are demanded are some products manufactured by the Scaffolding Manufacturers apple os downloaden. These products are in high demand in Delhi and its surroundings in bulk quantities due to the scale of construction activities going on in Delhi. These materials are Demanded by both government and private sector projects. We as a Scaffolding Manufacturer in Delhi are working to fulfill the never-ending demand of the burgeoning construction sector in New Delhi, India.

 Products Manufactured by Scaffolding Manufacturers in Delhi:

Our Manufactured products are known for their fine quality, load-bearing capacity, long life, and dimensional accuracy in Delhi, India. Our Manufactured product designing after the understanding the specific needs of our clients with the structural calculation of staging load-bearing capacity provide us edge over our competitors herunterladen. A dedicated approach to our, work ethics, fair dealing, wide distribution network, makes us stand apart from the rest. As a Scaffolding Manufacturer, we understand and value each penny spend by our clients.

The Significance of quality Raw Material Used by Scaffolding Manufacturers in Delhi:

As a scaffolding manufacturer company, we understand the significance of raw material quality and procurement policies if we want a reliable and correct quality of finished Scaffolding products. Our company always strives to procure raw material of very fine quality from our trusted vendors and manufacturers.

We believe that the quality of the final product depends on the quality of raw material used during production herunterladen. Our Dedicated purchase team does a regular survey of Various Manufacturers and collects data and Based on this research they procure the best quality material at very competitive rates to deliver a very cost-effective product. The use of quality raw material helps us to become a well-known scaffolding manufacturer in Delhi.

We are best scaffolding manufacturer in Delhi. To enquire about our products Call us @ +91-9915353218

The Importance of Technology used by Scaffolding Manufacturers in Delhi:

There is a Cut-throat competition between Scaffolding Manufacturers on basis of Manufacturing Technology vlc gratisen. Sound and Up to date infrastructure we have created is the backbone of our company. It helps us to Manufacture related demands of our clients and complete orders in a trouble-free manner. Our word class storage space for  Products spread over a large geographical area which keeps the Stored material in a good condition. There are great knowledge and Machinery is available for scaffolding manufacturers in Delhi. These factors distinguish us from other manufacturers.

Our Company’s Production Process:

Our production Process ensures the transformation of inputs into desired outputs in a very efficient manner in order to lower the cost of final products herunterladen. We use the latest technology and machinery during the process in order to ensure the best quality with dimensional accuracy. We employ experienced supervisors and workers at various stages of the process who take a due care to prevent our valued customer’s interest due to any kind of product flaws.

 Quality Management of Our Company:

We follow strict quality control procedures. Our team of professional quality analysts is the inseparable part of our company. They Perform regular check-ups of the quality of material at various stages of production against the specifications. Further, there is a stringent quality checkup before the final delivery of manufactured material on various parameters against set standards herunterladen. Any discrepancy in quality is immediately noticed and required action is taken.

Scaffolding Products Manufactured by Scaffolding Manufacturers in Delhi:

Various kinds of products catering to different needs of customers are manufactured by manufacturers in Delhi like Cuplocks Standards, Ledgers, Base Jacks, U-head jacks, Joint Pins Etc.

Cuplocks/ Standards / Scaffolding Cuplocks:

We have been able to create a name for ourselves as a reliable scaffolding manufacturer in Delhi for delivering top quality scaffolding clocks to our valued customers at industry-beating prices. In these clocks forged bottom cups are welded at an interval of 500 Meters on the standards/Verticals to fit the horizontal ledger into it further, the moving cast top cup holds the horizontal from above and tightened with applying an external force daemon tools lite kostenlos herunterladen.

Clocks are placed on base jacks which provides it a solid base and facilitates the height adjustment. On the top of cup locks, there is a U-Head Jack to hold the channels placed on it and acts as a base for placing on it Shuttering plates for casting.

Our manufactured scaffolding cup locks systems are made using high-grade raw material with the application of the best technology available in the market. Cuplock system provides a solid and stable platform for staging during casting. It is also used as a platform for men and material at heights during repair and paint work of buildings xbox one kostenlos spiele downloaden.

Specifications :

  • Sizes : 3 Mtr, 2.5 Mtr, 2.00 Mtr, 1.50 Mtr, 1.00 Mtr.
  • Material Used : 48.3 OD pipe , Cast top Cup, Forged Bottom cup
  • Thickness : 2.8 MM

Benefits of Using Cuplock System :

  • Easy to install
  • Economical
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to Store
Ledgers/ Horizontals:

Based on skills of our professionals and experienced workers we offer an extensive range of ledgers in various sizes. Ledgers are used to provide horizontal support in the scaffolding system. They have ledger bladed fitted at both ends. These are fitted and tightened with the help of the bottom cup and moving top cup. Ledgers are available in different sizes like 1.50 Meter, 1.00 Meter, .500 meters, or any other size as per customer requirement. Ledgers we manufacture are made from the very fine quality material with the latest technology available kalender 2019 gratisen.

Specifications :

  • Available in 1.50 Mtr, 1.25 Meter, 1.00 Mtr,
  • 3 OD pipe used to manufacture ledgers
  • Forged Ledger blade fitted at both ends. 
Why Choose Us from various Scaffolding Manufacturers in Delhi:

We better understand the needs of kinds of material needed for different categories of projects and based on that we advise and assist in designing Scaffolding and Shuttering for different our customers.

Name: VCC Shuttering House

Adress: Derabassi, Chandigarh

Phone Number: +91-9915980350, 9915353218

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Features You’ll Love!

Our Company is in Business of Manufacturing Shuttering Material and Scaffolding  Products from 25 Years

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    Best Quality of Products

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    All the Shuttering and Scaffolding products manufactured are admired by our all our customers across India and Overseas.

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    Best Quality of Raw Material


    Our company use best quality of raw material which is procured from our trusted vendors herunterladen apple os downloaden. Raw material is base of manufactured products.

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    Timely Delivery

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    Our company is comitted for on time delivery to our customers. It helps them to complete their construction acitivites on time.

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    Customer Orient Approcah

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    Our company always keeps the interest of our customer first while serving our valued customers

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    Latest Machines and Procedures

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    Our Company uses the latest technology and Machines to Manufacture our various Products.

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Our vast experience in Industry helps us understand needs of our customers and provide them best solutions.


We have best the Infrastructure. Latest Machines and Procedures hels us to stand apart from our competitors.


Our Experienced Workers know their job very well. They  are able to manufacture top quality of products.


Our Company used the best quality of raw material which is procured from our trusted vendors.


Our word class storage facilities keeps the Raw material and Finished Procucts in Good Shape.


Our Company always puts the interest of our customers on top in order to make long term relations with our customers.