February 19, 2022

Scaffolding Walkway Planks Manufacturers in Delhi & Chandigarh

What are The Scaffolding Walkway Planks?

Scaffolding Walkway Planks are also commonly known as Steel Walkway Planks, Anti Skid Walkway Planks, and Corrugated Walkway Planks. Walkway Planks are part of the Scaffolding System. These planks are used during construction and indoor-outdoor repair and maintenance of buildings and factories. We are Delhi and Chandigarh based a leading manufacturer of all types of Scaffolding Walkway Plank and Aluminum Walkway Planks and Scaffolding ladders to meet various kinds of requirements of our clients  video aus der ard mediathek herunterladen. We are a leading Scaffolding walkway Planks Manufacturers in Delhi and Chandigarh. In this article, we will discuss in detail the benefits of using Walkway Planks, Various types of Walkway Planks, and how as scaffolding Planks Manufacturers in Delhi we are different from the rest of the players in the market.

benefits of using Swaffolidnng Walkway Planks:

•             Scaffolding Walkway Planks have high Strength due to bending operations performed on them further stiffeners are welded to Them increase their load-bearing capacity.

•             Steel Walkway Planks have consistent Strength which is maintained by not allowing any discrepancy in the production of a lot  herunterladen.

•             Anti-Skid holes are done on walkway planks to minimize the slipperiness of HR Sheet used.

•             Walkway Planks are highly cost-effective as they have a long working life thus can be reputedly used at various projects.

•             Walkway Planks can be used in all types of scaffolding systems.

Types of Scaffolding Walkway Planks

•             Walkway Planks without hooks

Without Hook Walkway Planks are the most commonly used planks widely used with all types of Scaffolding Systems  herunterladen. The design of these planks they are lightweight and very easy to use in various construction activities.

Our roll forming machine enables us to produce these planks on large scale with uniformity in production. We also use Bending Machine and Hydraulic Power Presses to manufacture unique designs for different customers.

Specification of Without Hook Walkway Planks :

Plank (WxL)        1.6 mm thk         1.8 mm thk         2.0 mm thk

230×1000             4.96        5.6          6.2

230×2000             9.6          10.8        12

230×2500             12           13.5        15

230×3000             14           15.8        17.5

230×4000             18.56     21           23.2

•             Walkway Planks with hooks

Planks with Hooks are easy to install and use. With the use of hooks, it is possible to make a smooth and strong platform to support men and material at heights.

1.            Fixed Hook Planks

2.            Dog Ear Hook Planks

3.            Auto Lock Hook Planks

4.            American Raised Hook Planks

Materials: MS / GI

Surface Finish: Painted / Powder Coated / Galvanized

Pattern: Perforated / Dimple Tread

Length: 1000mm to 3000mm

Width: 220mm

Height: 38mm

Thickness: 1.5 / 2.0 mm

•             Adjustable Length Panks

Adjustable length Walkway Planks are planks whose lengths can be adjusted to fit into various sizes of ledger blocks  herunterladen. These planks are very cost-effective because they can be used to suit various length requirements.

In our industry, we use different types and lengths of ledgers. Then we have to make walkway planks for each length of ledgers to fit into these ledgers. Adjustable length Walkway Planks solve this problem and can be used with all types of ledgers and Scaffolding Systems.

The demand Scaffolding walkway Planks Manufacturers in Delhi and Chandigarh:

Scaffolding Walkway Planks are in high demand in both Delhi and Chandigarh due to ongoing construction projects, Metro projects, repair and maintenance activities  hotstar herunterladen. These Steel Walkway Planks are required in both the public sector and private sector for various making kinds of platforms to support men and material at heights. Availability of cheap raw material and the best technologies and connectivity of these cities make their favorite spots for buying these Scaffolding Planks. We manufacture these planks and supply our various clients located all over the country and overseas.

Our Experience and Expertise:

We are a Delhi-based Scaffolding Walkway Planks Manufacturer with experience of more than 20 years of this field. Our vast knowledge and experience enable us to understand the market trends in a better way and deliver world-class solutions to our clients. We supply these Walk planks to our various clients who are situated not only in India but also in other parts of the world. We have a dedicated well-equipped 20,000 sft. Space dedicated specifically for manufacturing Walkway planks. 

These Planks are made in different patterns and by using various kinds of materials to suit the needs of different customers. Apart from the Construction project, these planks are demanded by various Power Projects, heavy industries such as cement plants and Chemical Plants. We also manufacture Diamond Grip planks which are used for making Industrial Ladders and Steps.

Our Quality Control for Walkway Planks:

We are all well-known Scaffolding Walkway planks Manufacturers in Delhi and Chandigarh. We use The latest technology and machines for the production of our products which enable us to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction and timely delivery of our orders. Various safety parameters are kept in mind while manufacturing these Scaffolding Planks at V.C.C  Shuttering House. These planks are thoroughly checked and further samples are tested in concerned laboratories to ascertain their suitability to various kinds of jobs.

Apart from strictly following the design of clients, we also provide consultation to our clients to make the product more efficient and suitable for them.

We deliver our products and services in a better way and provide continuous support to our clients.

Raw Material Used in Production Scaffolding walkway Planks Manufacturers:

Commonly these materials are used in making Planks:

  1. HR Sheet of 1.80 mm to 2 mm

2. Hooks made of MS Steel

3. Stiffners made of HR Sheet or MS Steel

We use raw material of very fine quality for the manufacturing of these walkway Planks. HR Sheet of 1.8mm-2mm thickness is used in the production of Planks. Hooks are also made of very high-grade material to make the planks more resilient. Due to the use of these fine quality materials, our manufactured Planks provides a very safe Platform for men working at heights.

Process of Making Walkway Planks:

These Planks are made by performing bending operations on the HR Sheet. One Piece sheet is bent to make these Walkway Planks. Further to increase the strength of these planks Stiffeners are welded at regular intervals. Hooks of very high-grade material are attached to both ends for hanging these Walkway Planks between Ledgers. Further, these planks are painted to increase the life of these Planks.

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