April 10, 2020

What is Scaffolding – Different Types & Uses

Scaffolding/ Staging Introduction:

Scaffolding/Staging is used as a temporary structure that is made to gain Excess to a place usually at heights. Scaffoldings are frequently used in various types of construction activities like building construction, bridge construction and all kinds of repair and maintenance activities.

Scaffolding is usually made from 48.3 Outer Diameter steel pipes or Aluminum tubes as per need. Most of the time when Scaffolding frames are used in Outer parts of buildings they are commonly made of steel tubes. On the other hand in inner repair and maintenance activities aluminum tubes are preferred because they are lightweight. Our Company is Manufacturers & Supplier of all kinds of Scaffolding Materials and Supplies them to Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Derabasssi, Mohali, Karnal, Panipat, Delhi, and Other Parts of India kan video niet download whatsapp.


What is a Scaffolding Frame/Structure :

A very Strong structure/Frame of Scaffolding is made by Coupling or clipping these steel pipes. On these structures workers stand to work at heights and carry the required material along with them like Paint, Plaster or Equipment which they require to carry out the given job. Scaffolding Platform is also used to make a walking platform to transfer material from one place to another. These are self-standing frames with a heavy load-bearing capacity. Heavy load of men and material is put on these self standing and stable working platforms

Various Types of Scaffolding Systems:

There are various types of scaffolding systems used worldwide. One has to choose among them as per his needs of regarding safety, load-bearing capacity and durability of the Scaffolds. Customers have also to keep in mind his budget which he wants to allocate word für apple herunterladen. Here are the commonly used Scaffolding Systems discussed in Details below.

  1. Cuplocks System
  2. Frame Scaffolding System
  3. Props
  4. Ring lock system
  5. Tabular Scaffolding System

Cuplocks System :

Couplocks are widely Used system of scaffoldig in India.Cuplocks system are made of Verticals/Standards and Horizontal/Ledgers. Standards is used vertically and it has locks attached at the distance of 500 mm. Ledgers are put into these locks of Standards and locked by using hammer. A very strong platform of Scaffolding is made using these Verticals and Ledgers in this way. These Platform can be used for interial and external construction and maintainance related activities.

1. Standards

Standards are used as a Vertical Part of Scaffolding Frames2 herunterladen. Ledgers

2. ledgers: 

are Horizontal Part of System with two ledger blades at both ends which are placed into locks of Standards and then fastened with hammer.

3. Joint Pins

Joint pins are attached to join to standards vertically.

4. Base Jacks

Base Jacks make a solid base for the Scaffolding Frame.

5. U- Head Jacks

U-Heads are placed on top of standards to act as a base for C –Channels which are placed on it.


Frame Scaffolding System :

Frame Scaffodling is a very easy to install and dismantle the same tomtom karten gratis downloaden. Even unskilled workder can assemble and de-assemble these frames. Wheels can be fixed at base of these framees and after that these frames can be easyly moved from one place to another place.

Frame Scaffolding - V.C.C Shuttering House
Frame Scaffolding – V.C.C Shuttering House

Props :

Tele-Scopic props and Shoring Props are widely used in staging wordwide. Props are used in all types of construction activities for supporting Shuttering Plates, Formwork, Beams, Walls during the casting process.Props can be used as nember for every kind of activities wherever vertical adjustable load bearing is required.Props are easy to install thus facilitate speed in construction activities.

They are self cleaning devices so they do not require much maintainace and are very easy to transport from one place to another.Props are either galvanized or Painted skat kostenlos zum herunterladen.

We used top quality 60 OD branded pipes of make like Apollo, Jindal, Surya pipes.

The quality of pipe itself and technique used for threading make the prop long lasting.

Threading is done using Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine.

Slotting in inner pipes of 48 OD is done very precisely to bring uniformity.

A very high-quality Prop Nut is procured from our trusted vendors to make props more durable.

Shuttering Props

Ring Lock System :

It is One of forms Modular Scaffolding System. Ring lock System is known for its speed of erection and dismantling. Only a few components are used to make a complete and efficient work structure apple purchased movies. Heavy load-bearing capacity, easy installation, the safety of men and material are a few features that differentiate this system from other similar scaffolding systems.

Strong connections from all sides with built-in safety features help to make a very strong structure. Our Ring lock systems in India are manufactures using high-grade material and accessories. Our Customers spread over various parts of Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Ambala, Karnal, other parts of Haryana and Punjab demand Ring Lock System from our company.

This scaffolding system is widely used in building construction, Heavy bridge construction and all types of repair and maintenance work.

Components of Ring Lock System

1.Ring Lock Verticals

Verticals/Standards are standing part of this system.When further height is required aditional standard is attached on standard using Joint Pins (Spigot) herunterladen. Locks are fixed at regular intervals of 500mm.Horizontals are attached to these locks to make the structure.Distance between two locks can be sustomized according to needs of customers.

2. Ledgers

Ledgers are horizontal portion of Ring Lock System of Scaffolding. These Ledgers are tied up with locks of standards make a strong structure.

3. Diagonal Brace

Diganal Braces are used to provide diagonal support to the structure.

4. Base Jacks

Base jacks are used to provide strong base to this system. Hollow Base Jacks or Solid Base jacks are normally used.

5. Steel Planks

These are used to make a walkway to transfer material from one place to another apple music album herunterladen.

Tabular Scaffolding System

Tabular Scaffolding System of Scaffolding System offers can used for various purposes to support men and material at different heights. Horizontal tubes are connected to vertical pipes through the use of Couplers.

Two types of Couplers namely Right Angle Couplers and Swivel Couplers are used.

Right Angle Couplers: are used to fix horizontal pipes with vertical pipes.Mainly galvanized aluminium and Steel pipes are used which are tied with couplers

Swivel Couplers: Diagonal pies are fixed using Swivel Couplers.

This Tabular Scaffodling system offers greater flexibility of its use. Platform for any kind of structure can be made using this system.  Components used in this system are light weight herunterladen. Different sizes of pipes can be used according to requirement of project.

Benifits of Using Tabular Scaffolding System:

  1. This system of scaffolding is very easy to install and de-install.
  2. Components of Tabular Scaffolding System are very light weight.
  3. Galvanized steel tubes are very rescilient and can be used for longer time spans.
  4. This system of scaffolding can be used to make platform inside of outside almost any kind of building.

Components of Tabular Scaffolding System

1.Steel Tubes :

Different legnths of galvanized steel or aluminium tubes are used for this system.

2.Right angle Couplers :

Vertical pipes and Horizontal pipes are connected using these couplers.

3. Swivel couplers:

These swivel couplers are used to connect pipes in any degree of angle herunterladen.

Tabular Scaffoldng - V.C.C Shuttering House
Tabular Scaffoldng – V.C.C Shuttering House
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